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A study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has found that medical malpractice or error accounts for approximately 250,000 deaths annually in the United States.

Based on older and more conservative findings from the Institute of Medicine1, Public Citizen estimated wrongful death in Pennsylvania hospitals to be between 1,920 to 4,277, and these numbers are just the cases that result in death. Misdiagnosis, injury, infection, and a host of other types of medical malpractice are not even accounted for in these numbers.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers at GPW

Our hope is that you are never injured by preventable medical errors or negligence. However, if you have suffered as a results of medical malpractice, our lawyers can help protect and defend your rights.

Medical malpractice encompases a wide variety of medical specialities. You need attorneys who can effectively access both the legal and medical issues of your case, efficiently investigate the medical records, and locate effective specialists to testify on your behalf.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys - Pittsburgh Office

Medical Mapractice.Medical malpractice cases can be very complex, and having an experienced lawyer on your side is important. Contact us today to be put in touch with one of our Pittsburgh medical malpractice lawyers, who, with no obligation to you, can help evaluate your case.

GPW’s medical malpractice lawyers have the experience and track record you need. Whether a laproscopic surgical error, a misdiagnosis of breast cancer, or some other case of medical negligence or error, we will thoroughly investigate and aggressively pursue your case, working to get you and your loved ones the compensation you deserve.

While our primary office is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our lawyers also work out of offices in Johnstown, Pennsylvania; Greensburg, Pennsylvania; Saginaw, Michigan; Detroit, Michigan; and Weirton, West Virginia, and have worked extensively with clients from Ohio, New York, and all over the country.

Learn more about medical malpractice at our site dedicated to the specific issues and information on medical negligence and errors: MedMalOnline.com

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Medical Malpractice.

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